Announcing the Craft Beer Finance & Investment Conference!

The Brewing & Distilling Network is pleased to announce the Craft Beer Finance & Investment Conference! The conference will be held August 24 & 25, 2016 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego.  Read More →


The Risks of Rapid Growth in the Craft Beer Industry

You don’t have to go very far in the craft beer industry to hear brewers bemoaning the recent mergers & acquisition activity in craft beer. Several times per week we see stories of breweries being acquired by big beer, private equity, other craft brewers, etc. In some cases it is an exit strategy for the owner. In most it appears to be a play to increase distribution (and therefore sales). You can read and listen to various critiques of it, many very critical and every now and then one in defense of those who sell Read More →


A Homebrew Beer of the Month Club?

While there are over 4000 breweries now operating in the United States, that pales in comparison to the estimated 1.2 million+ homebrewers in the U.S. That’s 300 homebrewers to every one operating brewery. Having thoroughly enjoyed a variety of excellent homebrews made by friends, it pains me to think of all of the wonderful beer that is not available for purchase. A portion (perhaps a majority) of those homebrewers have dreams of operating brewpubs, microbreweries, or large breweries. But I am sure many would just be happy to see their creation being enjoyed by a wider audience.  Read More →


Working with the TTB

The craft distilling industry in the United States (and elsewhere!) is exploding. We are all familiar with the numbers. Fifteen years ago there were fewer than 50 distillers in the United States. Now there are more than 800 and we expect to be over 1000 by the end of the year. The craft beer industry is experiencing similar remarkable growth. From fewer than 100 breweries in the United States in 1984 to over 4000 today. Craft brewing & distilling is a wonderful industry to be in. There is such excitement, creativity, and camaraderie. The local sourcing, flavors, and relationships being developed are dramatically impacting local economies as well.  Read More →


Welcome to The Brewing & Distilling Network!

The brewing and distilling industry has asked for a new approach to industry resources — one that is solely focused on the issues you face everyday — and we’re here to make that happen. Together with our events, our blog will bring you the latest details on federal regulations, ingredient and materials sourcing, permitting, reporting, and working with a tight budget.  Read More →