Commentary on Bart Watson's article “The Market is Slowing: Now What?”

The November/December issue of The New Brewer arrived today. I really enjoy most of the publication. You can always count on some good insights regarding business operations, supply chain, regulations, and distribution. I haven’t even finished this issue, but wanted to comment on Bart Watson’s article “The Market is Slowing: Now What?”  Read More →


To Lease or To Own Your Brewing Equipment?

Guest Post by Rick Wehner from Brewery Finance

It’s a great time to own a brewery or distillery. There seems to be no limit to demand for quality beer and spirits. It’s no wonder that so many new breweries and distilleries are opening and so many existing breweries and distilleries are expanding. From the outside looking in, it would seem that these are very lucrative businesses to be involved with.   Read More →


Business Plans Forget Other Good Outcomes: Happiness, Creativity, Fun, & Joy

Guest Post by Sam Holloway from Crafting a Strategy

Business plans suggest that scale and volume growth are the best paths forward. If you’ve taken money from professional investors with goals of a strategic exit to AB InBev, then scale and volume growth are the best paths. However, what if you have a tasting room, your business partner is also your life partner, and you want to grow to achieve some economies of scale but not grow so much as to take the fun and happiness out of your day to day life? What kind of decision-making and strategic advice should you follow?  Read More →


Mergers Between Craft Brewers Are Part of the Future

Guest Post by Mike Mitaro, President, Brewers Advisory Group

A hundred years ago, there were over 1,800 automobile manufacturing companies in the United States. Click here to see the list of those who succeeded and who didn’t.  Read More →